Spring Greens Layered Salad

Spring Greens Layered Salad

Fresh Spring Greens highlight this beautiful layered salad! Blessed with an extra warm sunny spring, my garden has perked up early this year. I was delighted to pick some beautiful greens and herbs to create this gorgeous salad.  

A simple salad, lightly dressed highlights the flavours of the herbs and tastes like Spring!   Start with greens to cover the salad plate (tossed with dressing or spritzed with flavoured olive oil and balsamic, salt and pepper), layer or arrange other vegetables or fruits on top. I used tomatoes, grated carrot, sliced avocado, and grated beets. I love this salad platter from The Gourmet Warehouse which shows it off beautifully.  ‪#‎Meatless‬ Monday

5 thoughts on “Spring Greens Layered Salad”

  1. That is one gorgeous salad! I love adding fruit and avocado to my salads – they add a pop of colour & flavour (not to mention being super healthy!)


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