Yogurt – Making a healthy choice

Yogurt label comparison


With so many brands, types, fat content, and flavours it is more and more confusing to choose a healthy yogurt.   I recommend reading the nutrition facts label to make an informed choice.

1.   Choose plain yogurt (regular or greek) most often.   It might be very surprising to calculate the actual amount of sugar per serving in flavoured yogurts.   In the yogurt labels in the picture, the plain has 3 grams and the lemon has 19 grams.   This difference of 16 grams is an extra 31/2 tsp of sugar!  (1 tsp of sugar = 4 grams).   This  ½ cup serving has more sugar than ½ cup Breyer’s Caramel Kisses ice cream, 4 Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, and has about the same amount of sugar as a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar! Save the flavoured yogurts for an occasional dessert or sweet treat. 

2.   Choose a lower fat yogurt.   All yogurt is labelled with % fat content.   I recommend a 2% or lower most of the time. High fat greek yogurt (Olympic Krema Greek Style 11% fat) has more than double the fat content of ½ cup Avalon Premium Vanilla Ice Cream (19 grams vs 9) and more than 1/3 cup of whipped whipping cream (19 grams vs 16 grams)! Save higher fat yogurt for very occasional use.  

3.   Choose a yogurt with live or active cultures.   Probiotics in natural yogurt are friendly bacteria that are beneficial to the digestive tract.   Most yogurts today contains active cultures.  

One thought on “Yogurt – Making a healthy choice”

  1. Several years ago I switched my kids over from flavored yogurts to plain greek yogurt. We just use a drop or two of maple syrup and cinnamon and they love it.


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